Builder Application: To apply for a builder application you must build something that will amaze a staff member and must contain alot of detail. We mainly want to see a medieval build,fortress or a kingdom. We normally accept builds that are on the server and not on single player for cheating reasons. When you have done your best effort on your amazing build you must contact a staff member on the server to judge your build. If you get accepted you will be granted builder rank and have the abilities to do /gamemode 1 and /gamemode 0. You cannot spawn any items but you may use spawn eggs for builds only. If caught cheating with gm 1 like spawning items for survival mode you will be demoted forever.

Staff Application: Post a comment on this page by using this format:



Have i ever been banned?:

How will i help the server?:

What is your duty as staff member?:

What will you do when you get a staff member rank?:

Extra stuff you can add:

Remember you will not be accepted straight away. We will need to monitor how you act and how you respond. Then we will accept you and given your rank.

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