Event Number One:

A balrog of morgoth has gone hiding and rumours have emereged that he has travelled to a dwarvern realm and is hiding from the light in a dark cave that is surrounded by shadow. By killing this balrog a chest will emerge full of goodies and has a book containing words. You must give this book to a staff member to gain a ring that contains enchants like strength 4,speed 4, regeneration 3 and sharpness X: Dont worry this is not really OP but is OP

Event number two:

There is a orc that wears mithril armor and is within a ruined structure that use to home morgoths dark creations. Travel to the misty mountains and that is where you shall face the orc and take the reward you shall seek. But if you kill the orc and take his reward for yourself. I fear that a great darkness shall be summoned and shall destroy everything in its path. Reward for choosing to take the reward from the chest is a special sword and a bow forged by morgoth and a key that will show you something evil.

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