Welcome to the OneRingAlphaCraft Wikia!Edit

This is the wiki for the FallOfMiddleEarth lord of the rings mod server. Keep this wiki clean and tidy and mature. This wiki will keep you up to date with the server news,events and information about the server. This site will contain topics about available roles and how to become a builder or staff member. Feel free to add a faction page about your faction [must be king of the faction]

What we offerEdit

Our server is a non profit server. We have many excellent things to offer like role playing,fun events,quests and have a great respectful community. Our staff is trained to offer great help and awesome support to every player in need. We have many roles available and offer you to make your own custom faction! We also have awesome builds like erebor,moria and Rivendell! We often have events and ring quests! Our server is on 24/7 monitored by admins and the console. We offer no lag and have the best plan for the mod. Some of you may encounter people who tend to role play excellent. So keep in mind if someone is a orc and your a dwarf they have the right to say dwarvish scum. That alone.

Why Join this server?

We are unique in many ways. We offer excellent and fun plugins like magic and have plugins to enchance your experience like boss fights that include a custom made sauron/morgoth and saruman. We also have a plugin where you can make your self look really cool and have abilities that will amaze you. We have custom enchants that adds a better experience to the magic plugin. We have many more cool plugins that will keep you interested! We are also recruiting builders and staff! We also offer a no lag server that will always be up and running smoothly. We run events like ring hunts, find the balrog that has gone in hiding in one of the dwarvern kingdoms to earn a sacred valar weapon forged in fire. We try to make this server fair to everyone so you have a chance to share the same experience as everyone.



Co_Owner: SpartanEgghead










Moria: Imported




Latest activityEdit

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