To apply for a king/queen role you must have 500 alignmnt faction. For any other role you must have 300. When you have the requirements consult a staff member and you will be given your role. But it is your duty to add your name on here. Frodo: open

Sam: open

Pippin: open

Merry: open

Gandalf: open


Legolas: open


Boromir: open


The Witch King: VilesBane

Uvatha (Ringwraith):

Agandaûr (Ringwraith): open

Khamul (Ringwraith): open

Hoarmuath (Ringwraith): open

Adunabel (Ringwraith): open

Ren (Ringwraith): open

Dwar (Ringwraith): open

Ziraus (Ringwraith): open



Frodo: open  (Hobbits)

Aragorn:  Taken

Imrahil: open (Dol Amroth)

Faramir: open (Ithillen)

Minardil: open (Lebennin)

Theoden: open (Rohan)

Amlaith: open (Arnor)

Captain of the rangers:  (Rangers of the North)

Pyrder: (Southgard)

Thranduil: (Wood-Elves)

Galadriel: PhatomSlayerX (Lothlorien)

Celeborn:  (Lothlorien)

Eo:  (High-Elves)

Durin I: (Durin's Folk)

ironfist king: TAKEN

Balin: Taken (Moria)

Azaghal: Open (Belegost)

Naugladur: Open (Nogrod)

Andarr:  (Dol-Aronarr)

Ghan-buri-Ghan: open (Druedain)


Melkor:  TAken (Utumno & Angband)

Sauron: Taken (Mordor)

The Witch King: Taken(Angmar)

Saruman: (Uruk-Hai)

Khamul: Open (Dol Guldur)

Azog: Open (Gundbad)

Herumor:  (Near Harad)

Nibor: open (Moredain)

Sharolog: open (Half-Trolls)

Wulf: open (Dunland)

Elessar:  (Nalt-Illska)



Aragorn: Taken (King)

Eldacar: open (Lord of Osgiliath)

Aratan: open (Lord of Minas Ithil)

Boromir: open (General)

Denethor II: open

Eärnur: open


Imrahil: Open (Prince)

Galador: Open (Captain)


Faramir: open (Prince)

Cirion: open (Captain)


Minardil: open (Prince)

Angbor: open (Captain)

-Rangers of the black gate

Talion: open

Hirgon: open


-White Mountains:

Arthebain: open (Prince)

Eredbain: open (General)


Aragorn: (King)

Amlaith: open (Prince)

Beleg: open (General)

Mallor: open (Captain)

Celepharn: open (Captain)

Araval: open (Lord of Fornost)

Arvedui: open (Lord of Amon Sul)

Malvegil: open

Argeleb: open

Araphor: open


Theoden: open (King)

Helm: open (Lord of Helm's Deep)

Aldor: open (Lord of Dunharrow)

Eomer: open (General)

Hama: open (Captain)

Eowyn: open


King of Dunland: open (King)

Wulf: open (General)

Freca: open (Captain)

-Rangers of the North:

Aragorn: SlasherDragon (King)

Arathorn: open (Prince)

Halbarad: open (General)

Alarond: open (Captain)


King of the Dead: open (King)

Dead-General: open (General)

Dead-Captain: open (Captain)


Sam: open (Mayor)

Frodo: open

Pippin: open

Merry: open

Bilbo: open


Ghan-buri-Ghan: open (King)


Beorn: Open (Chief)

Grimbeorn: Open (Heir)

Eothed (General)


-High Elves:

Glorfindel: Open (High-General)

Elrond: Open (Herald)

Olarduilion : Open (Captain)

Cirdan: Open (Lord of Mithlond)

Finrod: Open (Captain/Lord of Harlond)

Feanor: Open (Blacksmith)

PalantrilIon: Open (Head of the Watch)

Erestorion: Open (Lord of Forlond)

Barlodin: Open (Bartender)


Celebrimbor: open (Lord of Ost-en-Edhil)

-Woodland Realm:

Thranduil:Taken (Elvenking)

Legolas: open (Prince)

Tauriel: open


Galadriel: Taken (Lady)

Celeborn: (Lord)

Haldir: open


Pyrder: (Elvenking and Eru)

Zelphar: Open

Tanelia: Open

Tehlmar: Open


Eol: Open (King)

Dark Lady: (Queen)



Durin: (King)

Balin: TAKEN (Lord)

Ori: open (General)

Nori: open (Captain)


Thorin : LonelyDork (King)

Dwalin: open (General)

Glittering Caves:

Gimli: (King)

Gloin: open (General)

Oin: open (Captain)

-Iron Hills:

Dain: (King)

Thorin: open (General)

Kili: open (Captain)

Fili: open (Captain)

-Red Mountains:

Iron Fists:





Azaghal: open (King)

Dori: open (General)

Bifur: open (Captain)


Naugladur: Open (King)

Bombur: open (General)

Bofur: open (Captain)


Melkor: Taken by morgoth_melkor


Durins Bane: Open


Azog: open

Bolg: open


The Witch King: Taken

Morgomir (Ringwraith): open

Agandaûr (Ringwraith): open

Rogash (Mighty troll of the North) Open

Dol Guldur:

Khamul (Ringwraith): open

Hoarmuath (Ringwraith): open

Adunabel (Ringwraith): open


Saruman:Lurtz: open

Ugluk: open

Mauhur: open

Lugdush: open

Grishnákh: open

Snaga: open


Sauron:  Open

 Ren (Ringwraith): Open

Mouth of sauron: Open

Dwar (Ringwraith): open

Dawndeath (Ringwraith): open

Gothmog (Lieutenant of Morgul): Open

Near Harad:

Fuinur: Open

Herumor: Moredain:

Hezabal: open


Bloodtooth: open


Gandalf: Open

Radagast: Open


Alatar: open

Pallando: open

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