- Be Respectful. Disrespect isnt tolerated.

- No combat logging.

- Keep the server pg-13 (Some mature elements but still appropriate.)

- No tp killing. (30 seconds after tp is legal)

- Don't set fast travel points in players bases.

- Don't kill players that are allied.

- No spawn kill or fast travel camping. Give players a chance. 500 blocks from spawn, 250 from WP's

- No hacking or X-Ray.

- No advertising or spamming.

- No whining about the owners decisions.

- No asking for OP

- No asking for alignment resets.

- No giving other players your kits.

- If you drop an item, no asking staff to get it back. Your mistake.

- No scamming.

- No griefing.

- Use common sense.

- The only people to sell enchants are Dunethunder76mx, Lord_Vile_ and Dilkillin. Each enchant will cost 1000 coins per level.

 - you can get a complete alignment switch from good to evil (or vise versa) Every two weeks.

 - You can only steal from unprotected chests.

 - No duplication or glitch spawning.

 - Being on vacation is ok as long as its under 4 weeks long.

 - Inactivity of 14 days or more without telling us will result in role removal. If you do tell then you will have a month to become active again before you are removed from your role.

- If you wear any full galvorn armor you may not use an enchanted bow

Concerning Obtaining Territories:

There are a few rules about which territories your faction can conquer, and how to announce it.

-To announce an invasion or siege, you must either be the leader of a faction, or have permission from your leader.

-Announcing war on a faction has no point; announcing a battle is what matters

-To conquer a territory, it must either be connected to your faction's land, or connected by sea/river

-Only factions of the same side can sell land to each other (i.e. Mordor can sell to Uruk-Hai but not Rohan), and a contract signed by the selling party must be created and held by the buying party

-A person can only declare an invasion once every hour

Invasion rules: Announced

- The leader of defending faction must be online. If he is afk you cannot call an invasion.

- You may not declare an invasion knowing the leader of the faction will be living soon and the invasion will cause him/her to be on longer than expected. (What if he/she needs to go to bed? We don't want him/her to have the computer taken away for staying up!)

- 2 invasions at the same time are not allowed.

- if a leader leaves when invasion declared they will be granted a 5 minute period till the territory becomes forfeited to the attacker.

- Terms of the invasion must be agreed on.

- The gates of cities and forts must remain open for the attack.

- Any side can surrender, but terms must be agreed on.

- In invasions, if a player dies they are out of the invasion, and the killer can do whatever they please with the gear that they got, unless the terms of war agreed on between factions states otherwise.

- No bombarders in structure invasions

- No more that 40 units may be used by each player when in an invasion. (evil players get 60) Look at the Unit Keyfor a full list of unit values.

- If attacking land that is not near a waypoint, you must walk there from your nearest major city. Example: If Angmar attacked a random strip of Arnor, they would have to walk to Eriador from Carn Dum. Unless they previously created a closer waypoint.

- Only 1 olog hai or mirk troll is allowed in 1 players army, and only 2 trolls or mountain trolls are allowed in 1 persons army. You may have either 1 olog hai or mirk troll, or 2 trolls or mountain trolls in an army.

- Mithril armor in war is prohibited, any other armor, tool or weapon is fine, except bombs in some cases:structure invasions. Players assaulting or defending builds MAY NOT employ the use of bombs.

- Horns of conquest may only be used it A) it is agreed on in the terms or B) the invasion has a 1/2 ratio or 3 extra players, the smaller side may use the invasion.

- When attacking Rhun, the rivers split rhun into sections, conquering one give you that section.

- To completely take over a faction you must have a battle for all the different way points that faction controls (applies to rebellions also)

Ambush Rules: Unannounced

- Army must be half of normal squad size of 40/Unit space

- No tpaing away

- You may attempt to run away

- No pvp logging

- All other invasions rules apply

Rebellion rules

- Must announce rebellion

- owner of faction must be online when rebellion is declared

- all other war rules apply

- rebellion must have support (either one other faction or 1 player in the same faction and 2 outside the same faction)

Coastal Assault rules:

All standard invasion, ambush and major build rules apply. (major build rule applies if attacking major build)

Must land at a dock or beach from sea.

You may call a coastal attack from one of your port cities at any other coastal faction/cities.

You cannot sail from a place that is blocked off by nature. Example: You cannot sail from the ocean of Forodwaith to anywhere else, for it is covered in ice without an approved ice breaker.

Attacking major builds: Announced/Unannounced

- standard invasion and ambush rules apply

- The leader of the faction that controls the major build MUST be online, and MUST be at the build to defend.

- Having guards in the build is OK, but they must be in guard mode and no more than 20. Only the lord or king of the build may have them.

- Princes and Generals are allowed to declare invasions.

- All players can declare invasions every hour.

Violating these rules will result in swift and merciless punishment.

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